The problems related with the education and learning of the history have acquired an increasing importance largely of the current world, helping to the construction of one a specific field of knowledge and to the formation of researchers communities both in Spain and in other countries.

The professorship of history has received an education of career in excess historical, own of the S.XX, nowadays they lack technological skills and pedagogic updated knowledge.

In this 21st century the addressees of the historical education (student body, families, the society in general) have needs and aspirations radically different from those of previous generations. The society has become more complex, there coexist in it diverse loyalties and identities that they must be contemplated in the education to be able to manage democratically the conflicts that are generated in it.

The Conference tries to approach some of these challenges and to put jointly experiences and reflections with the participation of lecturers of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, and Switzerland.


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